We visited the DAI Montijo Store from Maria Aleixo

This month we went to the 1st DAI store, located in the historical center of Montijo.

Montijo is an area that is on the frontline when it comes to construction, much sought-after by those who aim to buy new housing and for those who want to escape from the exorbitant prices charged in the city of Lisbon.

DAI Montijo loja

Montijo continues to expand, which has been enhanced by the strong development expectations.

After the construction of the Vasco da Gama bridge in 1998 that connected this margin to Lisbon in 15 minutes, we now see the possibility of building the new airport, which would inevitably bring more residents, create more jobs and which, in a snowball effect, would further develop the city of Montijo.

On our visit to the store DAI Montijo, located at Rua Bulhão Pato, 88, we were received by Maria Aleixo, a native from the Azores and established in Montijo who, as always, welcomed us with open arms.

mapa da loja DAI Montijo
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Here is an excerpt from our conversation.

DAI: Hello Maria, do you still remember the date you opened the Montijo store?
Maria: The store was initially opened on April 15th, 2018 in a society and in a street perpendicular to where we are, but at the beginning of this year the DAI Montijo became "my" store!

DAI: How does the real estate market feel in Montijo?
It is very disputed, with about fifty competitors, some more professional than others, and in a stalemate motivated by the expectation of the installation of the extension of the Lisbon airport in the municipality that leads some owners not to put their properties on the market, waiting for them to increase in value with the installation of the airport, others are doing so at high prices. Anyway, Montijo continues to be the most important option in the proximity of Lisbon.

DAI: What would you say to those who are thinking of selling/buying a property in Montijo?
Maria: If you are planning to buy a property, I recommend Montijo because it is a quiet city, in expansion, with good transport services and varied commerce... and in short, it is possible to enjoy an enviable quality of life being at the gates of Lisbon. To Property owners, I would say that they should put their properties on the market while there is interest in investing and that they should do so through professional mediators who value their heritage, who disclose it conveniently. For those who prefer to wait for the installation of the airport to try to sell at a higher price, I would advise them to make a profit by placing their properties on the rental market.

DAI: What would you say to a person with no experience who wants to start in real estate?
Maria: I would like to congratulate him for wanting to embrace this activity which, being demanding, is very stimulating and allows a very comprehensive human relationship, I would advise the person to have the necessary formation and accompaniment to be able to face the demands of the activity with great professionalism.

DAI: We know that you wish to start your expansion to the Azores Islands. What will be the first island?
Being an Azorean, that claim is natural; living in Montijo and knowing the connection of this city and the Terceira island of which I am a native, I will start my activity there in the Azores.

We leave here some pictures of the store.

dia de trabalho

interior da loja

carro da DAI Montijo

If you are a resident of Montijo and are looking for a new professional challenge, you can contact Maria Aleixo +351 914 735 762 directly or simply go to the store to get answers to any questions you may have about the real estate business.