The 5 Best Movies to Watch for All Real Estate Agents

Being in the real estate business as a real estate agent has great perks. Real estate agents make really good commissions on each transaction, they are aware of market cycles and also have the hot hand of the market. They know when owners should sell their properties and when average consumers and investors should buy.

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For those who are in the real estate business or are thinking about entering, here are five movies that every real estate agent should watch. Each film is open about the dynamics of a real estate agent and what effect they have on the world.

1. Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross is a must-see movie about what it is like to work in a real estate business. It’s all about real estate. The film contains splendid performances by a multitude of incredible actors such as Al Pacino, Alex Baldwin, and Alan Arkin. Why is this film important for real estate agents to watch you might ask? Well, Glengarry Glen Ross is everything a real estate agent should not do.

However, all real estate agents must create a character. Be yourself, but find ways to sell your bid. Don’t ever depend on the whole group or past mistakes. That is right, let go of the past, learn from your mistakes to see if you can make a higher bid on your next business with customers. Not every tactic used in your sale is going to work. Watch Glengarry Glen Rose as a lesson prior to starting a business as a real estate agent.

2. The Big Short

Back in 2015, The Big Short won for its incredibly adapted screenplay. Starring a cast of terrific actors, they each sell the story by telling the truth. The truth can hurt. And that is important. Movies have to show the atrocities of the world and how we can either handle them or fix them.

The film doesn’t have just one story going on. Instead, there are three stories, separating characters from the action. That’s a good technique in film. Having subplots is beneficial whether they are the same subplot or not. Real Estate agents should watch The Big Short because a group of investors decides to hold a bet against the U.S. mortgage market while finding out just how flawed the market really is.

The Big Short is a very important film that talks about the perspectives of real people during the real estate crash in 2015. At times, The Big Short feels like a documentary, which it represents. If you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent, this is the movie for you. Real estate is not an easy business so you should not go in knowing anything.

3. Closing Escrow

What happens when two families find out that they were sold the same property? Will they settle this patiently in conversation or battle to the death? As each family makes a new deal with the real estate agents they soon realize that they are only crumbling their marriages and their dreams. Closing Escrow has a ton of great performances from great actors selling emotion and the moral of the story.

All real estate agents and even those buying a house should understand the escrow process. The process of buying a house is one of the most difficult processes for everyone. While Closing Escrows is a mock-up about the world of the house-hunting it's accurate in its depiction regarding the increase of real estate loans. Think about your customers. These are the people who want a home and have spent years saving their money. Don’t mess up their entire plan.

4. 99 Homes

99 Homes is an intense film about foreclosing a family's house and the negative effects. This film is sure to speak to viewers on personal levels just from the impactful performances by Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, and Michael Shannon. The US financial crisis is morphing into its worst shape, forcing thousands of people out of their homes and into unimaginable futures. It’s unfair but the law is the law. Movies have to talk about the dark realities of the world.

99 Homes takes the real estate business to new levels and the world of scamming. Now that he has lost his home Garfield decides to work for the broker, giving him a taste of his own medicine. The drama is heavily packed in 99 Homes and portrays the horror of losing a home very well in the movie. Of course, that’s what some real estate agents end up doing but the film perfectly encases deep lessons about the consequences. If you have not seen 99 Homes, you should catch the film and witness the incredible and moving story.

5. The Money Pit

Everything is falling apart for a young couple once they move into their brand new home in The Money Pit. The film has tremendous performances by Tom Hanks and Shelley Long who react in genuinely funny scenes when their house is crumbling in every spot of the house. And the only reason the couple bought the house, to begin with, is that the seller sold them with this story that melts at the heart.

What you think may look like an amazing house on the outside is actually a nightmare on the inside. While funny, this movie is a helpful message to all real estate agents that they should not sell a home just for the message. Inspect the house prior to selling and make sure that it is a good fit. The Money Pit makes a good point to both real estate sellers and to those who are buying a new house that they need to look at every single detail. It’s easy to let one mistake cross you.

With this cinematic material what we can expect is that your next evenings will be very well spent.