Some books that the consultant can and should read

You have probably seen a million lists of the best books you must read. Most of these lists just share the same information. I didn't do that, I just wanted to share good books, with lots of useful information for anyone who wants to create a successful career in real estate.

There is a lot of information available online, but not all information is good information.

The articles are good for learning some tricks and tips. However, sometimes something deeper and strategic is needed. This is where books come in.

In the real estate business, if you want to be successful you need to understand the general principles of the business. This is getting to know yourself, understanding customers, how to reach them and how to promote a business.

Personal development

Building a successful career starts with building yourself. These books will help you determine your goals and create high-performance work habits. They will also help to focus and specifically to prioritize your work, which is a very important factor of success.

Think and Get Rich - Napoleon Hill


This is one of the most recognized and acclaimed personal development books. What affected me the most in this book was to highlight what I expect from life.

Finding the purpose of life ... The existential question that we all ask at some point in life. This book tells us that thinking is one of the most important factors for success.

Because? The way we think determines what we do and consequently affects the way we live.

You should read this book if you are interested in learning more about what you want to be, and set serious goals in your career.

The Only Thing - Gary Keller


Many productivity books claim to work hard. In reality, it is necessary to work hard on the important things. Don't focus on crossing out tasks on your list to feel good. Analyze what you are doing. Does what you are doing bring value, or is it just “work”?

For example, things like administrative work, photographing real estate, are things that you can leave to people with more experience in the subject, when you have possibilities to do so of course. When you have that freedom you can focus on the tasks that generate income, and then yes, you will start to succeed in your career.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey


For someone who wants to start learning more about personal development, this book is a valuable resource.

This book talks about the idea of ​​basing your actions on a series of principles. Creating principles for yourself can be a good start to finding your goals.

In short, to feel fulfilled, you have to be true to your principles.

Psychology and Leadership

If you understand how people work psychologically, you can win any game. When you understand how people think, you can lead, influence and ultimately sell to people.

How to Make Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie


The real estate business is a people-to-people business. To the point that the more people like and trust you, the more business volume you will have.

If you can influence and sell your ideas to others, you will get others to do what you want.

But remember, these principles are most effective in an honest and sincere position. If you are only thinking about your interest and not your client's, this one will notice, and you will have a doubtful reputation.

Influence - The psychology of persuasion - Robert B. Cialdini


This book explains the way that salespeople motivate and influence their customers. You can learn how people think, and how to make small changes in the way of communicating that directly influence other people's perceptions.

Drive - The surprising truth about what motivates us - Daniel H. Pink


This book is especially good for people who hope to one day manage a team of consultants. Understanding what motivates others is the key to managing your team.

The book explains in detail the idea of ​​a workflow. The main ideas are to realize that people work better when they have their own motivation. External incentives can dramatically lower your team's productivity. And people work best when they have time to be creative.

Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely


Dan Ariely wrote the book, as a look at all the ways, in which the human being is predictably irrational. That is, if a certain stimulus is provided, it reacts in a predictable (but irrational) way.

This is a great book to learn about perception. How you approach a situation can directly affect how it is interpreted by others, even if everything else is the same. Perception, especially in the real estate market is super important.


Marketing and branding are two tools that the consultant uses to make his clients remember his name or brand.

Guerrilla Marketing - Jay Conrad Levinson


This book is basically the bible for marketing and branding strategies.

In short, Guerrilla Marketing is any form of promotion or marketing with little or no cost. Read this book and see how to apply these creative marketing strategies to your real estate business.

Business & Real Estate

The Real Money Making Machine - Chet Holmes


This is more than an idea book, it is an authentic handbook to be used, written by one of America's top growing business experts.

Chett Holmes helps his clients to implement strategies and to exceed their sales expectations. Your advice starts with a simple concept: focus on 12 critical areas and improve them, one at a time, practicing them repeatedly with strict discipline. It will also help you to revolutionize your business, boost your productivity strongly and most importantly, learn how to maintain it.

Switch - How to Change When Change is Difficult - Chip Heath, Dan Heath


Switch is an easy-to-read book, which portrays real examples of different cases, in the most varied areas, where change would be almost impossible.

Due to the ups and downs in the economy and in the real estate business, it is sometimes necessary to make radical changes, when the “normal” no longer works. This is a book you should read, so that the next time the market changes, it can react appropriately.


An important part of success in real estate is to understand the business in general and the principles of success.

Realize how people think, so you can influence them and ultimately make a sale. Learn about marketing and branding. And then find out how to run a business effectively. These books will help you in that regard.

Take time to educate yourself. Learn how to build a solid foundation where you can grow your real estate career