New videoconferencing software for meetings, property visits and recruitment. Everything at a distance!

The prolonged confinement and social distance due to the event is causing a search for alternative solutions so that it is possible to maintain economic activity. At DAI we are now beginning to rethink how to interact with co-workers, partners and customers, as well as to implement technology solutions that will allow us to work with all these limitations.

We have several new developments in preparation, however a flexible and secure videoconferencing solution to deal with social confinement and distance seemed to us the most urgent to make available to everyone as an integral part of the DAI platform.


What is this solution for?

This solution allows all DAI real estate consultants to hold meetings, visit properties or even recruit new real estate consultants, all from a distance!

Using a video conferencing solution integrated in the DAI platform, all real estate consultants now have the possibility to do remotely what they normally do in person.

How does the solution work in practice?

The video conferencing solution is extremely simple to operate.

All DAI real estate consultants now have a new “Videoconference” link ready to be used on their control panel.


The videoconferencing solution can be used on a personal computer with Google Chrome, FireFox or any other modern browser or on an Android or iPhone phone by installing an App.

The DAI real estate consultant just has to create a virtual meeting room and invite the participants he wants to that virtual meeting room.


Why did we choose to include a video conferencing solution on our platform instead of using a solution from another provider?

There are several reasons, however the main ones were as follows: we wanted a completely free solution for our consultants, with no limit on the number of participants, no limit on the time of meetings and where participants could be added anonymously.

There were solutions like Skype or WhatsApp that were completely free of charge but the anonymity component of external participants was lacking, such as, for example, buyer customers. There were other solutions from other providers with free 1 to 1 meetings but paid for with more than two participants or with time constraints.

Another less superficial but no less important reason is the data collection that is made by these free providers and even in the paid versions of some products. The product may be free but in exchange for this use we would be giving away our audio and video data that would be processed and used later to reach us and our customers with advertising campaigns with content competing with ours, so it would defeat our entire commercial effort.

With this solution, the data is not processed for use by other entities nor do we give any kind of treatment to the data. Meetings start and end on our servers and remain empty.

The videoconference use cases in real estate mediation

It all started with forced confinement and social detachment. For the real estate mediation activity, these two factors are tragic, since they invalidate all our activity as real estate consultants. The real estate consultant has to be with selling clients, has to visit their properties, has to meet with buying clients, has to take these potential buyers to sellers' properties and so on. All activities of non-confinement and social approach.

Videoconference as the middle ground. Videoconferencing is certainly not “the solution” that immediately solves all of our problems, but it will certainly help a lot. Not being able to be in person with clients and co-workers, the videoconference will be the closest to a face-to-face conversation. All professionals in the commercial areas instinctively realize that the face-to-face approach is the most effective of them all. It is more effective than a phone call, email or SMS. Since videoconferencing is closest to face-to-face, we will use it to maintain commercial effectiveness.

With a channel like video conferencing at the disposal of the real estate consultant, the real estate consultant can now start thinking about redesigning the way in which the real estate consultant works.

Below I leave some ideas of cases and ways to use the videoconference, among them a visit to a property, team meetings or with teammates, meetings to discuss proposals, recruitment of new team members, among others.

Visiting a property by videoconference

To make a video conference visit, the DAI real estate consultant only has to send a guide to the owner on how to install and configure the App on his mobile phone so that he can move around the property and visitors with the link to the room where the consultant, owner and visitors. The consultant and the visitors will be able to make the videoconference even on their PC, without installing any type of App, they just need to use a modern browser like Google Chrome or FireFox.


It may be necessary to change the perspective of what a visit to a property is for. In a situation of confinement and / or social distance such as the current one, this may be the only alternative to show in more detail a property owned by an owner who does not want strangers in his own permanent home at all. In a scenario like this, a visit by videoconference may be enough to obtain a proposal and further ahead if you make the physical visit before moving on to a reservation or CPCV.

For example, it could also be a solution for real estate consultants to have more properties in their portfolio and more distant from what would normally be our area of ​​operation. If, in a first approach, we make visits by videoconference and only after a credible proposal to the property are we open to a physical visit, we are above all being more efficient in the management of our resources, namely with the savings in time spent and in displacement.

Meeting with team and / or teammates

In this type of team meeting, it may be more useful to hold the meeting using a PC with a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. In meetings there may be the need for one or more participants to share their screen for the shared viewing of text, graphics, videos or other documents and this is much more practical to do using a PC.


Not only due to the issue of confinement and social distance, videoconferencing can be a good tool for these team meetings, avoiding unnecessary travel and thereby optimizing the time and costs of the activity.

Meeting to discuss a proposal by videoconference

In this type of meeting it doesn't matter if it is done on the mobile phone using an App or on a PC, using a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Even in a situation where the real estate consultant would use only the telephone, a discussion and adjustment of a purchase proposal, can be more effective using face-to-face communication by videoconference. Both the discussion between the consultant and the proponent as well as between the consultant and the owner can be made much clearer using video conferencing.

Recruitment of new team members by videoconference

Again, in this type of meeting it doesn't matter if it's done on the phone using an App or on a PC, using a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Recruitment by videoconference has been going on for a long time, and it is nothing new. However, in the real estate sector it was hardly used. With the phenomenon of confinement and social isolation, videoconferencing will certainly be a tool to take into account in the recruitment and selection process of real estate consultants.

Other video conference use cases

There are certainly other use cases, some of which are not mentioned in this article and left for later, as new tools are communicated that will be made available. For example in fundraising. It is possible to use video conferencing to inspect a property at a distance with the owner. It is also possible to view in real time with the owner the documents that he has on paper and that need to be digitized for a fundraiser. The possibilities are immense.

In short

All of this can be summed up by increasing resilience in our real estate brokerage activity. In the absence of conditions to do as it was pre-established, there are alternatives that can and should be explored. In exploring these alternatives, we easily come to the conclusion that there are efficiencies and increases in efficiency that can be obtained when using these alternative solutions.

And if it is true that poor execution harms less than indecision and stagnation spoils things more than the movement, I would urge you to use the solution with customers and partners to test it first with co-workers and family members.

A topic was created in DAI Support for all DAI consultants to ask questions regarding the use of the videoconference solution, just go to and ask your question.