New Upload functionality of the Consultant's professional photo

We opened this new year in terms of new features with something that we had in mind for some time.

The functionality itself is very simple and boils down to a mechanism that will allow the real estate consultant to place their professional photography on a system / platform for the automatic generation of self-promotion graphic materials.

upload photo real estate consultant

Consultants' interactions such as new fundraising, reservations, promissory purchase and sale contracts, deeds and deeds in sharing will be the target of automatic generation of graphic materials.

promotion of real estate consultant on social networks

These graphic materials that will be generated automatically can be used in various channels, the most obvious being the various social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are currently the social networks with the most user base and, therefore, this is where the consultant's self-promotion will make the most sense.

Right now we are still in the experimentation phase of what will be the first versions of the templates for automatic generation of graphic materials. This experimentation will be continued until we reach the final versions, so this process may take a few months.

On the part of the consultant we need him to put the professional photo in the system and also that they go through our Facebook page at so that we get some feedback regarding the design of the graphic pieces.

To place the professional photo in the system, the consultant just has to follow this link: or on the control panel in the “Personal account” section, click on “Photo”, as shown in the image below.

photography control panel

The photos must be cut with transparency and sent in PNG format with a minimum size of 1249px X 1500px.

For quality control reasons, the photos will be approved before they are available in the system.

For those who have difficulty cutting the image in PNG, you can contact the design AT by email.

If you have any questions ask us to reach your question by Placing Question on the support page.