The new Store Page. A tool to leverage the sales force

The Store Page was something that we had in mind to develop since 2017. However, with other basic developments in the IT platform that needed to be done, the development of this was being postponed.

Now with a stable computing platform base we are starting to be much more open to building and testing tools a little out of the box.

In the next few paragraphs I will try to describe as best as possible what this is from the Store Page after all.



The Store Page Overview is a tool that allows the Broker and all Store / Team Real Estate Advisors to leverage the sales force.

What is this about leveraging the sales force?

Let's go in pieces, perhaps it would be important first to explain the motivations of such development. The fact that DAI is not a territorial network (we do not have exclusive areas of operation) means that there may be run-ins in the areas within the district boundaries. It is perfectly possible for the Shop / Team in location X to raise money in location Y, location Y where another DAI Store / Team operates.

Knowing the above, who operates a DAI Shop / Team may have at some point questioned the investment made in a territorial area, because that same investment did not guarantee the exclusivity of the area in terms of raising. This frustration on the part of the Stores / Teams is real and was one of the precursors to the development of this tool.

Turn a weak point into a strong point. If there are several different Shop / Team consultants working in the same zone we will create synergies so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The Store Page as a means for sharing referrals within the network in a transparent and watertight manner. In real estate mediation if there is a limiting factor to the number of transactions this is the amount of referrals. With the Store Page is intended to create plenty of referrals for all DAI stores. Store X referrals will be present on Store Y Store Page and vice versa. Store Y referrals on Store X Store Page will have Store X phone and email contact, and vice versa.

Simply put. With the Store Page you are assigned a separate website for each Store. The URL of Store websites will have the following naming scheme,,, and so on. Customers sent to these Store Pages will see all properties in the network below your Store web address that contains only your Store contacts.

Regarding what is leveraging the sales force, I think I got the idea. If you have not already done so, please continue reading.


The Store Page will primarily serve each Store to be able to present properties to your prospective buyer customers and isolate them from viewing properties with contacts other than the Store to which they are associated. This is the most recurring use case. There will be others that will be spoken later.

Access to the Store Page

To access your store page, you should just visit the Agency page at, click on your agency to enter the detail page and then locate the link from the Store on Website, as shown in the image below.


How is the Store Page structured

In this first version of the Store Page, the first page will contain the entire store stock of the Store. The Store Page real estate search will contain the Store real estate and the other Store / Team real estate. The properties of the store in the property search will include in the listing a sticker "Featured" to the properties of your store to stand out from the others.


As a manager or consultant, how to know to whom the property belongs

When presenting properties on your Store Page, it is only natural for prospective buyer customers to explore the page a little more and to discover other properties that will get their attention.

If one of these properties does not belong to your store, you can locate the seller by pointing the internal reference of the property and search it in the "General Listing of Properties" at clicking on the tab "Search Internal Reference" and placing it to then press the "Search" button.



At the top above the most recurring use case was specified, however the Store Page opens up many other possibilities. I will try to suggest some.

Visit cards

On business cards, both Team Managers and Consultants belonging to the Store can route this page via business cards. The business card recipient later on when looking for more information about you will be directed directly to your Store page, as using it best suits your business cardholder conversion interests.

E-mail signature

Email Subscription is another great opportunity to promote your Store Page. Email signing is in practice very similar to business card, people you contact via email will want to know more about you and the web page is where they will look for more information, so it will be helpful to refer to your Store Page to circumscribe the range of those looking for more information about you.


If up to now advertising on Outdoor or other large media had only email and phone contacts, from now on and with the Store Page, the Team Manager or In-Store Consultant group may already include also the web address of the page. Using a web page in a large advertising medium substantially increases the conversion rate.


In Flyers, as in Outdoors, these tend to increase the conversion rate if an email and a phone also come up with a web page address. A potential salesperson wants to see and obtain information about the store or consultant, the store page will serve to prove not only your presence in the area of operation but also to analyze your stock of real estate and without losing sight of your contacts.


Aside from the fact that this is the first version of the Store Page and there is room to add new features, the limitations I will mention below are in fact permanent.

There is no possibility for Non-Store Team Managers to have a Store Page for their Team.

Store Page search does not list Independent Consultant referrals. If you would like to show an Independent Consultant referral to a buyer of yours, you will have to go to the advanced search page and search by internal reference, only in this way will you be able to show Independent Consultant properties on your Store Page.


If you have any questions ask us to reach your question by Placing Question on the support page.