New editable CMI - To facilitate pre-population

Following the work that has been developed to improving the offer of digital fundraising tools, we now offer editable files of the Real Estate Contract (REC).

The purpose of these documents arises from the need for digital pre-filling of our well-known REC, so that it can be sent directly to your customer. In this way, the selling customer will be able to digitally sign the document by "Digital Signature" or if it is impossible to do so, print, and sign the document. This document will facilitate communications with your customers, showing much more professionalism.

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As we published in April 2020 during the lockdown, REC with digitalized signatures still valid as you can see in these blogpost:

We remind you that this new file should used only for digital filling, if you need to fill the document by hand, use the conventional files with normal filling squares.

These documents need to be filled out using the PDF’s viewing program, Adobe Reader. Where you just need to edit the fields in blue and at the end of the edition, just save the document.

Thenew REC can be downloaded at exactly the same location as the previous ones:

In the directory the documents can be found by names:

  • cmi_singulares _... editable. *
  • cmi_empresas _... editable. *

Good Business!