New digital door knocker tool for real estate consultant

On March 19, 2020, as you recall, it was determined from the outset that we would all have to stay at home, leaving only in case of need, such as going to the supermarket, pharmacy or going to work. This fact, despite being back there (but not quite yet, as it seems it will be repeated), left us very concerned with our real estate activity. Our business is essentially one of proximity to people and teleworking was not (nor is it still) a totally viable option for the real estate consultant, and the component most affected by the whole pandemic situation would be the acquisition of properties and more specifically the door the door.


They can tell us that if the door-to-door is no longer socially acceptable, then those interested in the services of the real estate agent will freely and spontaneously seek their services. Now, all of us who are in the real estate brokerage business know that this is not the case. In the door-to-door are many of the properties that eventually were not even to come to the market and this makes it (door-to-door) too important a tool to be set aside.

The digital door-to-door as an alternative

Since door-to-door is not so socially acceptable at the present time, we have developed an alternative to do it digitally. There are even some benefits of doing it this way, some of humanity is lost in the process but efficiency is gained.


If there was a change caused by the pandemic situation that I noticed, it is the fact that we are all even more dependent on the Internet to the point that without a shadow of a doubt we can call it the “new opium of the people”. Our doubts take them away on the Internet, our fears are amplified by the Internet and our decisions such as the sale of a property will naturally be validated on the Internet. In a new world in which we rely on the Internet for everything, is it so stupid to think that we can digitize something with a human component as strong as the door-to-door made by the real estate consultant? In my humble opinion, not only is it not, but it is also starting to be absolutely necessary to digitize such an activity, although in the future we will also do it again as in the past.

How digital door-to-door works in practice

The whole process is based on a Landing Page / Landing Page. A Landing Page is nothing more than an Internet page dedicated to a very specific subject and whose final objective is to convert the potential interested visitor or acquired customer.


In order for the Landing Page to be viewed by potential property sellers, it will be published on the various online advertising networks, the most well-known ones being Facebook, Instagram and Google.


We can be more or less surgical in the profiles that fit the parameters of the profile of the client who is a seller of a property and certain in relation to the geography that we intend to reach.

Unlike traditional door-to-door digital door knocking is a method that is largely passive. This digital method will do for the real estate consultant a good part of the fundraising work, and this part is, in my opinion, the most time consuming to the real estate consultant and that goes through the discovery of the client who still did not know that he was selling a property. All of this discovery work will be done automatically, the rest of the process has yet to be done using the human component.

How can I see what's going on at my digital door knock

The digital tools allow a systematic analysis of the events and our tool naturally includes in the platform control panel all the metrics necessary for the consultant and the team manager to make an analysis of the cost / benefit of the investment.


Why the inclusion of this tool on our platform and not the use of an external service

A landing page is a complex product and requires the effort of several means, the most difficult being the delivery of an appealing and functional design. Given the difficulty of the real estate consultant in gathering all the means to make a landing page available to a target audience, we decided to simplify the process and make this turnkey product available for any DAI real estate consultant to use.

How to create a landing page to knock digital door

Creating a landing page is very simple. Just go to and in the “Promotion” section click on “Landing pages (Online Promotion)”, as shown in the image below.


Being on this page, click now on “Create landing page”.


You will now see the available landing pages (on the date of this blog post there was only one). In line with the title “How much is your house worth? Find out! ”, Choose it by clicking on“ Create now ”.


You will now see a window with the form where you can fill in all the data for creating your Landing Page. On the map, you can move the Marker to the area that suits you, the minimum action radius will be 17km as a minimum. At the end, click on “Submit order”


How to deliver a real estate market study to the selling customer

The purpose of the digital door knocking mechanism is to get Leads from selling customers for the real estate consultant to later conduct a market study of the property. After this market study is done, the consultant will disclose his conclusions and present his services.

To make this possible, a PDF document was also created that will help the real estate consultant to carry out the market study by comparative analysis.


To do this market study, the real estate consultant will only have to search for properties on the market that are identical and in the PDF provided insert the m2 and the price of each one of these properties. The PDF document itself will perform most of the calculations by the real estate consultant. In the end, you just have to suggest to the seller customer a sale value of the property.

PDF file Real Estate Market Study (Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

If you have any questions ask us to reach your question by Placing Question on the support page.