New DAI location in Castelo Branco

On the 12th of October 2020, the opening of the DAI Castelo Branco agency was celebrated. Located right in the city center of Castelo Branco and very close to several public entities and services, as well as the most varied commercial activities in general.


The map with the location below.


Here is a brief interview with the team manager Maria Rodrigues.

Question: How is the experience of having your own team of consultants after so many years working in this sector?

Answer: Having my own team of consultants has been an incredible experience. Previously, in another brand, I had already taken the team direction, but it was a team that I led and that already existed when I embraced that challenge. With DAI I was able to create my own team, I was the one who selected who would work with me, according to the values ​​that I think are most important and relevant in this field. From the beginning, I decided that the DAI team in Castelo Branco would have to be a multidisciplinary team, with experience in the field, focused on a single objective: professional, rigorous, totally transparent customer support throughout the process and differentiated. I currently have a team of seven consultants and it has been very interesting to work with each of them. Leading teams is something I like to do, especially because of years of leading teams in the construction field as a civil engineer. In general, it has been a type of recovery of several skills that had “filed in the drawer”.

Question: What will your position be at the geographical level, Castelo Branco shows to be a city full of opportunities, however expect to support customers, sellers, investors and buyers also in the surrounding towns and villages?

Answer: Regarding our positioning in geographic terms, what we want is to give maximum support not only in the city of Castelo Branco but also in the surrounding villages as well as in the cities belonging to the district of Castelo Branco as is the case, for example, of Fundão, Covilhã, Sertã, Proença-a-nova, etc. Our team is organized by positioning zones in the district, of course our main focus will always be Castelo Branco and surrounding villages, however we do not want to discard these markets, which seem to us equally good bets.

Question: What would you say to anyone who is thinking of selling / buying a property in Castelo Branco?

Answer: For those who are thinking of selling / buying a property in the Castelo Branco area, say, obviously choose DAI, for several reasons, first because we have a very professional team with extensive experience in the real estate industry, second because in addition to the experience that we all have in the area we are also professionals from other branches, such as civil engineering, marketing, law, etc. which makes this team a team capable of providing differentiated support in the market, third for the friendliness, monitoring, focus, welcome and finally by our store that was thought and created to give maximum comfort to our customers so that they feel at home.

Question: Your team currently has 6 members, will you continue to look for new consultants to join your team, what do you have to say?

Answer: In fact, the team already has seven members, however in the last week a new consultant came in, also with experience. The DAI team is almost closed, at the moment we are a total of eight and at most we will be ten consultants, more than ten in this first phase will not be viable. So there is still the possibility of two more consultants entering, but for now we are eight. The team was formed through direct invitations to professionals I trust, people for whom I have the greatest consideration and respect not only for the excellent work they have been doing in the real estate market in Castelo White, but mainly for the personality of each one of them because I know they will never disappoint a DAI customer.

Question: What can we expect from this new store / team?

Answer: You can expect from our store / team the greatest commitment, rigor, ethics and professionalism combined with good disposition, friendliness, simplicity, modernity and creativity, we want to be a differentiated team from all the others, we want to have our own DNA so we can innovate and providing unique experiences to our customers, always with the main focus of growing the brand, the team and the store.

Photos of the inauguration:




Pay him a visit and get to know this multidisciplinary team of 8 consultants prepared for the challenges of the current real estate market.

Congratulations to Maria Rodrigues (Team Management) and the entire DAI Castelo Branco team!