The new DAI Agencies page

With the agency page planned for some time now, it was only possible to include it on the Website. A mix of complex changes based on the Website's data structure and the focus on other internal developments has precipitate the delay.

If you have not yet noticed, there is a new link at the top of the page for the "AGENCIES ". This new page will contain only the stores open to the public; Will not appear listed DAI consultants teams without room for public service.

DAI Agencies

With this new agency page we make it easier to publish the location of the DAI stores. On the other hand, we guarantee managers and store owners more exposure of their physical locations.

Following this development we will then perform another on the same line and that is long awaited by managers and store owners; The store Website. The main benefit of the latter will be the presentation of the properties in an isolated way to the final customer. More details will be given during and after development.

For now, the listing of agencies:

If you have any questions ask us to reach your question by Placing Question on the support page.