Migration/Upgrade, Email Server

Migration / Upgrade of the E-mail server was done tonight.

There were some emails to Gmail and Hotmail mailboxes that were recurring undeliverable and although the problem was reported to the server administrators, it was never fixed.

The decision was taken to remove the management of the email server from the contracted entity and it was DAI itself to manage it so that there was more proximity in solving problems with the email.


Some consultants received SMS with password / password reset information. Those who received this SMS should be aware of the same because the password / password has been changed to the one sent in SMS.

You should check if everything is working correctly by first accessing Email via Webmail at https://webmail.dai.pt

Anyone using a non-web mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook will have to reconfigure outgoing email (SMTP) port and security. The best way to access the settings is to sign in to Webmail at https://webmail.dai.pt, then go to “Other Webmail Features” and click on “Configure Mail Client”.

If you have any questions ask us to reach your question by Placing Question on the support page.