It is now possible to sign real estate contracts at a distance

The event brought confinement and social distance. These two factors are forcing the real estate consultant and the legislature to rethink new ways to keep the activity of real estate mediation productive in Portugal.

Well, it was legislated in Decree-Law no. 12-A / 2020 the possibility of entities with real estate brokerage activity may enter into real estate brokerage contracts, with their clients using the provisions of art. 16-A of Decree-Law no. 12-A / 2020, complying with the remaining legal requirements, with the original copies being scanned and photocopied of the acts and contracts, unless the person to whom they are submitted requests the display of that original.

The signature of the digitalized copies of the acts and contracts by handwriting or by means of a qualified electronic signature does not affect their validity, although different forms of signature (autographed and qualified digital) coexist in the same act or contract.


This in practice means that you can subscribe to an CMI remotely, without the need to have the physical CMI with handwritten signatures. The CMIs signed by the hand are valid when only digitized.

For those who are curious, you can consult the decree law at

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