How to make a real estate magazine

Creating a brochure to promote your agency and its property portfolio is now a simple possibility for DAI agencies.

In this article you will find out how to download the template file and edit your agency's promotional magazine without having to hire a graphic designer.


With this magazine you will be able to present your property portfolio to your customers in physical format in a practical way and anywhere. Despite being an working for the agent, it can also be promoted by mail or distributed in key spots. The publication is intended for potential buyers but also for sellers. To reach the sellers, we reserve the space on the back cover of the magazine where you can place the poster.

Download Magazine

To customize your brochure just have Microsoft Powerpoint installed on your computer and you can modify the following fields:



Finally, you must press "File" (Upper left corner bar), followed by "Export ...", select the "PDF" format and lastly click on "Save".

After having the file in PDF, confirm that the file is in accordance with what you did in the powerpoint, you should be aware of any spelling and placement errors. We also alert you to the right number of pages in your brochure, they must be multiple of 4. In other words, you can have 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 or 32 pages, we do not recommend more than 32 because of the clearance in the center.

Here is an example of a magazine with 12 pages in powerpoint:


To finish, print the PDF on your printer or send it to a digital printing press and ask to finish with 2 wire points. If you do the production on your printer, you will also be able to finish with a simple stapler.

Have good editions!