The door knocking alternatives for real estate Agents

The door-to-door is a tested, proactive and very efficient method of showing the client what the consultant and his brand has to offer.

It is a scary method, since it involves offering your services to a stranger, so it takes courage and also patience and calm for all the doors in the face that they will inevitably receive.

This method helped launch numerous careers for top consultants and also helped some consultants take their first steps in the real estate business. However, in this current situation, the door-to-door is no longer a socially responsible option.

So let's look at some alternatives to this traditional method.


Contact your circle of influences

Your circle of influences is made up of people who interact with you on a daily basis, who know you and especially who trust you. This includes your friends, family, neighbors and business contacts.

These are the contacts where your first real estate business probably came from.

It is worth spending a little time to identify which of these contacts, do not call for some time and make a call. You can call just to chat a little, as everything goes, showing genuine interest, and between the lines remember your real estate service.

Call “For Sale By Owners”

Calling people who are selling their own home can be tricky, because they have already decided that they saw no advantage in hiring the services of a real estate consultant.

But do not let this intimidate you, most sellers on their own, end up hiring the services of a real estate consultant, once they realize that selling a house is not as easy as it seems.

That consultant may very well be you, if you are willing to invest your time and effort in this difficult type of client.

When calling a seller on your own, you must be aware that they are a bit saturated with consultants, as most calls about the property will be from consultants.

That is why these calls must be made with great tact and empathy, a well-structured and well-studied speech must be used.

Contact builders

Builders and real estate consultants have a symbiotic relationship. Real estate consultants need new homes to sell, while builders need help finding buyers for those houses.

The builders have vast networks of contacts and know the real estate market as few professionals do and usually have close relationships with real estate consultants.

You should focus on trying to establish relationships of this nature with builders. Don't just try to get good business conditions, focus on maintaining a relationship of trust and offer before asking for something in return.

Contact the neighbors of the houses you are selling

If you have a property for sale, it is natural that the neighbors are curious. Many liked to know the value, and for how much they could sell their property as well.

For that reason, get in touch with the neighbors, inform them that you are the seller, offer your services, satisfy your curiosity. If you happen to sell the property in record time, let the neighbors know as well.

Call landlords

Landlords are essentially investors. After all, what they do is to own and manage properties that generate profit. And many are always looking for new investments.

So why not get in touch with them? Make a list of properties that you find interesting to rent, in your local market and contact landlords, also from your local market. Call, inform that you can help them find the next property to invest.

Once again try to build a relationship based on trust with landlords and you will get customers who will continue to invest in the future. And they can also refer you to tenants who are looking for a house to buy.

Establish relationships with local businesses

In this world hit by uncertainty, local businesses are struggling, many are closing or moving to more modest facilities at lower costs. Get in touch with these local businesses, show your services, show that you can help them to overcome this difficult situation

Find empty houses, and contact the owners

In December 2019, the OECD estimated that in Portugal there were 735 thousand empty houses in Portugal. A few hundred may even exist in your area.

Many of them, the owners have no plans for their future, but they never bothered to put them up for sale. Sometimes it is enough to show interest in these properties and what they can be worth, to streamline the whole process.

Finding these home can be relatively easy. Just look for signs of abandonment or simply lack of activity. Take a walk around your area, make a list of the houses that you.