Coronavirus / Covid-19. What to do as a real estate consultant in this first phase?

This is not any kind of advice on what to do or not to do. This article is a compilation of several conversations that we have had with other real estate consultants and that is now placed in an article format.

From the contact we have had with several real estate consultants of various age groups, opinions are going in exactly the same direction. Consultants in more advanced age groups and with some health problems are very careful in their social isolation and the youngest are very concerned exactly with the older and more debilitated in their health.


From the data that comes to us from the Italian case, the average age of deaths so far with the virus is 80 years. It is true that a human loss is always a human loss but by the average age what we begin to see that it will make sense is to safeguard the elders even more and not to put them at risk at all.

With this in mind, some real estate consultants who have seen their activity reduced now have some extra time and show that they want to do something for the community near their area of ​​residence. Namely helping older people. In the trips to supermarkets and pharmacies we have all seen the elderly and without family support a little confused and powerless with the whole situation. Many in this age group have not yet realized that they are the most at risk and should therefore be more protected from social proximity.

There are real estate consultants who are now the support (going to the supermarket, going to the pharmacy, etc ...) of the older people in your family or even in your building and who have shown a willingness to extend support to others in your area. proximity in the same situation. With the means of graphic production underutilized at this moment, we immediately made ourselves available for the creation of a "Flyer" to help expand the support area of ​​the real estate consultant.

Care in approach

The opinions here also go in the same direction. This is not the time to create relationships with the direct aim of obtaining profits for our activity as a real estate consultant. This is the time for real estate consultants to come out in their area of residence as references and examples to follow and that everyone will remember in the near future.

The Flyers we were asked

Flyers do not contain any association with DAI so they can be used by any real estate consultant.

To personalize the flyer with your data follow the example of our tutorial made for business cards here.

You can download the Flyer here: Flyer - We help

In short

This article is not to be seen as any guidance by DAI. There are real estate consultants who are unable to exercise their regular activities at this time, feel the need not to stand still and help in this crisis. For those who want to help, it is important to be aware of the moment we are experiencing and not to confuse aid with any type of commercial activity.