Coronavirus / Covid-19. Visits protocol

At this point, we all begin to assimilate that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 theme is a public health problem that will last for an indefinite period of time. We are also beginning to realize as real estate consultants the immediate consequences of this problem on the lives of our clients. An economy that crashes without warning has created enormous problems in the lives of all of us, but even more so in the lives of those who had the task of ensuring the purchase or rental of a property for permanent own housing.


With this in mind, it is our duty to ensure that our customers are not left without answers to their urgent needs as is the case of customers in the middle of a purchase or rental process, second visits to a property or even new customers in urgent situations. need for housing.

Following the good practices of DGS and other government agencies that will certainly continue to be useful even after this strictest period of confinement, it is extremely important to ensure that the continuity of our activity in this unstable period is done with maximum security for our customers and for us, real estate consultants.

The Flyers created are for information purposes and must be provided to customers by default via email. Only in the impossibility of delivery via e-mail should a printed version be provided.

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