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What to expect from real estate brokerage in 2021?

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction itself, and what is apparently bad in general can become good in particular. If you want to know why I have the feeling that right now we can really be here in the right place at the right time, read me through.

Far from trying to do futurology, I'm j...

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Some books that the consultant can and should read

You have probably seen a million lists of the best books you must read. Most of these lists just share the same information. I didn't do that, I just wanted to share good books, with lots of useful information for anyone who wants to create a successful career in real estate.

There is a lot of...

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The door knocking alternatives for real estate Agents

The door-to-door is a tested, proactive and very efficient method of showing the client what the consultant and his brand has to offer.

It is a scary method, since it involves offering your services to a stranger, so it takes courage and also patience and calm for all the doors in the face tha...

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Coronavirus and short-term opportunities in real estate

The coronavirus event is having a very negative impact on all economic activities and the impact is expected to be also very negative on a social level. The level of destruction in companies will be all the greater the more time we spend in forced confinement, after this, we will still have to de...

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