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New home page design

Since 2016, the design/template of the first page had been the same, so we took advantage of the modifications that are being made to the platform's base to also give a new look to the home page.

The home page trend towards its style has been increasingly based on minimalism, so we tried not...

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New digital door knocker tool for real estate consultant

On March 19, 2020, as you recall, it was determined from the outset that we would all have to stay at home, leaving only in case of need, such as going to the supermarket, pharmacy or going to work. This fact, despite being back there (but not quite yet, as it seems it will be repeated), left us ...

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New videoconferencing software for meetings, property visits and recruitment. Everything at a distance!

The prolonged confinement and social distance due to the event is causing a search for alternative solutions so that it is possible to maintain economic activity. At DAI we are now beginning to rethink how to interact with co-workers, partners and customers, as well as to implement technology sol...

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New Upload functionality of the Consultant's professional photo

We opened this new year in terms of new features with something that we had in mind for some time.

The functionality itself is very simple and boils down to a mechanism that will allow the real estate consultant to place their professional photography on a system / platform for the automatic g...

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The new Store Page. A tool to leverage the sales force

The Store Page was something that we had in mind to develop since 2017. However, with other basic developments in the IT platform that needed to be done, the development of this was being postponed.

Now with a stable computing platform base we are starting to be much more open to building an...

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