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How to communicate the successes of the real estate consultant on social networks

As you may already know, being present on social media is synonymous with being alive. In such a competitive area that involves amounts that interfere with the quality of life and financial tranquility of those who decide to put a property for sale, it is not only necessary to show them that you ...

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How to make a real estate magazine

Creating a brochure to promote your agency and its property portfolio is now a simple possibility for DAI agencies.

In this article you will find out how to download the template file and edit your agency's promotional magazine without having to hire a graphic designer.


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How to create your real estate portfolio to show in a DAI shop storefront

A good storefront is extremely important to convey credibility in the services provided by the real estate agency. It is therefore essential that the storefront is filled with the best business opportunities and that this opportunities are regularly replaced by new business opportunities. A well-...

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How to create your DAI Real Estate Placare

Last updated on March 5, 2020 by andre.lopes

Real estate placards are an essential tool in the promotion of a property so you should put a plaque in all your captures. Even with the diffusion of the means of publicising real estate via the Internet, the real estate p...

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How to make a real estate capture correctly in DAI Real Estate

The acquisition of real estate is the basic task of the activity of real estate mediation. To measure real estate it is necessary that we have them in the portfolio and it is in the correct capture of them that we can guarantee the good conclusion of a business and its commission.

A property c...

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How to set up your DAI email signature

The signature in the e-mail of the real estate consultant is something very important. Think of the next. When you send correspondence by traditional mail, there is a header where we place the sender's information, namely the sender's name, Street, Port number and the ZIP code. In...

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How to set up the DAI professional e-mail account

E-mail is a very important tool in the course of the activity of the real estate consultant. It is therefore essential to have this tool very handy. In this tutorial we will help you to have the professional DAI email set up on your computer, mobile phone and in case of emergency you can ...

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How to create your DAI business cards

Business cards are an essential tool for the real estate consultant, being one of the most efficient ways to introduce yourself as a consultant. Even in the midst of so much new technology, at the time of leaving a good first impression nothing compares to the old business card.

They allow yo...

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How to create your DAI ID card

To start your journey as a real estate consultant, you need to have your identification as a consultant associated with the DAI brand.

The identification card is mandatory for the consultant in the course of its activity and should always be visible in the interactions with customers and busi...

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