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Alteration to the business model of DAI Imobiliária

On April 20, 2021, DAI Imobiliária made the transition from the shared AMI license model to the model of legally and financially independent agencies / teams in which each agency / team now operates with its own AMI license.

The advantages of this model of legally and financially independent...

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New editable CMI - To facilitate pre-population

Following the work that has been developed to improving the offer of digital fundraising tools, we now offer editable files of the Real Estate Contract (REC).

The purpose of these documents arises from the need for digital pre-filling of our well-known REC, so that it can be sent directly to y...

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New state of emergency - January 2021. What to do as a real estate consultant or agency open to the public?

The rules for this new state of emergency (starting on January 15, 2021) are similar to those we had in March and April last year.

Real estate agencies are legally prohibited from opening to the public. However, there is nothing to prevent the maintenance of the activity, in t...

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It is now possible to sign real estate contracts at a distance

The event brought confinement and social distance. These two factors are forcing the real estate consultant and the legislature to rethink new ways to keep the activity of real estate mediation productive in Portugal.

Well, it was legislated in Decree-Law no. 12-A / 2020 the possibility of ent...

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Coronavirus / Covid-19. Visits protocol

At this point, we all begin to assimilate that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 theme is a public health problem that will last for an indefinite period of time. We are also beginning to realize as real estate consultants the immediate consequences of this problem on the lives of our clients. An econom...

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Coronavirus / Covid-19. What to do as a real estate consultant in this first phase?

This is not any kind of advice on what to do or not to do. This article is a compilation of several conversations that we have had with other real estate consultants and that is now placed in an article format.

From the contact we have had with several real estate consultants of various age gr...

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Migration/Upgrade, Email Server

Migration / Upgrade of the E-mail server was done tonight.

There were some emails to Gmail and Hotmail mailboxes that were recurring undeliverable and although the problem was reported to the server administrators, it was never fixed.

The decision was taken to remove the management of the...

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The new DAI Agencies page

With the agency page planned for some time now, it was only possible to include it on the Website. A mix of complex changes based on the Website's data structure and the focus on other internal developments has precipitate the delay.

If you have not yet noticed, there is a new link at the top ...

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New Real Estate Contracts - DAI Imobiliária

Following the work that has been done to improve the communication of DAI Imobiliária, it is the turn of the main document supporting the real estate activity, the Real Estate Contract, commonly known as the CMI.

The motivation for the change was mainly graphic. Since CMI is the only document ...

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