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How to communicate the successes of the real estate consultant on social networks

As you may already know, being present on social media is synonymous with being alive. In such a competitive area that involves amounts that interfere with the quality of life and financial tranquility of those who decide to put a property for sale, it is not only necessary to show them that you ...

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How to make a real estate magazine

Creating a brochure to promote your agency and its property portfolio is now a simple possibility for DAI agencies.

In this article you will find out how to download the template file and edit your agency's promotional magazine without having to hire a graphic designer.


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New editable CMI - To facilitate pre-population

Following the work that has been developed to improving the offer of digital fundraising tools, we now offer editable files of the Real Estate Contract (REC).

The purpose of these documents arises from the need for digital pre-filling of our well-known REC, so that it can be sent directly to y...

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The 5 Best Movies to Watch for All Real Estate Agents

Being in the real estate business as a real estate agent has great perks. Real estate agents make really good commissions on each transaction, they are aware of market cycles and also have the hot hand of the market. They know when owners should sell their properties and when average consumers an...

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We visited the DAI Montijo Store from Maria Aleixo

This month we went to the 1st DAI store, located in the historical center of Montijo.

Montijo is an area that is on the frontline when it comes to construction, much sought-after by those who aim to buy new housing and for those who want to escape from the exorbitant prices charged in the city...

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