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The door knocking alternatives for real estate Agents

The door-to-door is a tested, proactive and very efficient method of showing the client what the consultant and his brand has to offer.

It is a scary method, since it involves offering your services to a stranger, so it takes courage and also patience and calm for all the doors in the face tha...

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New DAI agency in Laranjeiro

Located inside the shopping center "Laranja Shopping Center" and led by the experienced Fátima Cerqueira. The new DAI Laranjeiro agency, located precisely in the parish of Laranjeiro and Feijó, municipality of Almada, in one of the residents of the metropolitan area of Lisbon, which occupies one ...

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It is now possible to sign real estate contracts at a distance

The event brought confinement and social distance. These two factors are forcing the real estate consultant and the legislature to rethink new ways to keep the activity of real estate mediation productive in Portugal.

Well, it was legislated in Decree-Law no. 12-A / 2020 the possibility of ent...

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New videoconferencing software for meetings, property visits and recruitment. Everything at a distance!

The prolonged confinement and social distance due to the event is causing a search for alternative solutions so that it is possible to maintain economic activity. At DAI we are now beginning to rethink how to interact with co-workers, partners and customers, as well as to implement technology sol...

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Coronavirus and short-term opportunities in real estate

The coronavirus event is having a very negative impact on all economic activities and the impact is expected to be also very negative on a social level. The level of destruction in companies will be all the greater the more time we spend in forced confinement, after this, we will still have to de...

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Coronavirus / Covid-19. Visits protocol

At this point, we all begin to assimilate that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 theme is a public health problem that will last for an indefinite period of time. We are also beginning to realize as real estate consultants the immediate consequences of this problem on the lives of our clients. An econom...

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Coronavirus / Covid-19. What to do as a real estate consultant in this first phase?

This is not any kind of advice on what to do or not to do. This article is a compilation of several conversations that we have had with other real estate consultants and that is now placed in an article format.

From the contact we have had with several real estate consultants of various age gr...

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DAI Imobiliária celebrates 5 years of existence

Today, five years ago, we headed to Praça Silvestre Pinheiro Ferreira (Empresa na Hora) in Lisbon to create the legal platform that would serve as the basis for the DAI Imobiliária project.

Looking back, many changes have occurred in the real estate sector in Portugal. The contrast of the real...

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New Upload functionality of the Consultant's professional photo

We opened this new year in terms of new features with something that we had in mind for some time.

The functionality itself is very simple and boils down to a mechanism that will allow the real estate consultant to place their professional photography on a system / platform for the automatic g...

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The new Store Page. A tool to leverage the sales force

The Store Page was something that we had in mind to develop since 2017. However, with other basic developments in the IT platform that needed to be done, the development of this was being postponed.

Now with a stable computing platform base we are starting to be much more open to building an...

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Migration/Upgrade, Email Server

Migration / Upgrade of the E-mail server was done tonight.

There were some emails to Gmail and Hotmail mailboxes that were recurring undeliverable and although the problem was reported to the server administrators, it was never fixed.

The decision was taken to remove the management of the...

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The 5 Best Movies to Watch for All Real Estate Agents

Being in the real estate business as a real estate agent has great perks. Real estate agents make really good commissions on each transaction, they are aware of market cycles and also have the hot hand of the market. They know when owners should sell their properties and when average consumers an...

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The new DAI Agencies page

With the agency page planned for some time now, it was only possible to include it on the Website. A mix of complex changes based on the Website's data structure and the focus on other internal developments has precipitate the delay.

If you have not yet noticed, there is a new link at the top ...

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We visited the DAI Montijo Store from Maria Aleixo

This month we went to the 1st DAI store, located in the historical center of Montijo.

Montijo is an area that is on the frontline when it comes to construction, much sought-after by those who aim to buy new housing and for those who want to escape from the exorbitant prices charged in the city...

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New Real Estate Contracts - DAI Imobiliária

Following the work that has been done to improve the communication of DAI Imobiliária, it is the turn of the main document supporting the real estate activity, the Real Estate Contract, commonly known as the CMI.

The motivation for the change was mainly graphic. Since CMI is the only document ...

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Interview with the team of DAI Pinhal Novo - July 2019

On July 11, 2019, we were in conversation with DAI Pinhal Novo, a store and team made up of 6 people of different ages and who started full of strength and willingness to embrace the real estate market in this village of Pinhal Novo and in its vicinity and which by the way has been achieving grea...

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Property capture campaign, DAI Real Estate Agency, june 2019

In an effort to provide high quality graphic materials to DAI real estate consultants, we are launching today one of many campaigns that aim to provide DAI consultants with graphic materials that deliver a highly professional and highly-praised message.

With real estate mediation in Portugal e...

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Opening of new DAI store in Parque das Nações, Lisbon

Last Saturday, June 15, 2019, was celebrated the opening of another store of the DAI Imobiliária network. This time in Lisbon, located in Pátio das Fragatas, nº4, in a very central location, very close to the symbolic Vasco da Gama Tower and 2 minutes from Moscavide Metro station.


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How to create your real estate portfolio to show in a DAI shop storefront

A good storefront is extremely important to convey credibility in the services provided by the real estate agency. It is therefore essential that the storefront is filled with the best business opportunities and that this opportunities are regularly replaced by new business opportunities. A well-...

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How to create your DAI Real Estate Placare

Last updated on March 5, 2020 by andre.lopes

Real estate placards are an essential tool in the promotion of a property so you should put a plaque in all your captures. Even with the diffusion of the means of publicising real estate via the Internet, the real estate p...

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How to make a real estate capture correctly in DAI Real Estate

The acquisition of real estate is the basic task of the activity of real estate mediation. To measure real estate it is necessary that we have them in the portfolio and it is in the correct capture of them that we can guarantee the good conclusion of a business and its commission.

A property c...

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How to set up your DAI email signature

The signature in the e-mail of the real estate consultant is something very important. Think of the next. When you send correspondence by traditional mail, there is a header where we place the sender's information, namely the sender's name, Street, Port number and the ZIP code. In...

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How to set up the DAI professional e-mail account

E-mail is a very important tool in the course of the activity of the real estate consultant. It is therefore essential to have this tool very handy. In this tutorial we will help you to have the professional DAI email set up on your computer, mobile phone and in case of emergency you can ...

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How to create your DAI business cards

Business cards are an essential tool for the real estate consultant, being one of the most efficient ways to introduce yourself as a consultant. Even in the midst of so much new technology, at the time of leaving a good first impression nothing compares to the old business card.

They allow yo...

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How to create your DAI ID card

To start your journey as a real estate consultant, you need to have your identification as a consultant associated with the DAI brand.

The identification card is mandatory for the consultant in the course of its activity and should always be visible in the interactions with customers and busi...

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