Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
With the entry into force of the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), we have come to know our privacy practices and the options available for the way in which your data is collected and used.

1. What information do we collect?
We request identification information when you request a service, respond to an enquiry, exchange correspondence with us or participate in certain other activities. If you do not want to provide the requested personal information, you may not be able to complete the transaction. Similarly, when you visit our Websites, we collect information known as "Clickstreams" (IP address, domain name, etc.). This information, combined with the data you have given us, allows us to better personalize your visits.

2. To what end do we use the information we collect?
To provide you with information about real estate updates, new real estate, newsletters and e-mails, and to make available other information that may be of interest to you.

3. How do we protect your personal information?
To ensure the safety of your personal information, we have established a number of security measures and safeguards. Your personal information is stored on secure networks, notwithstanding these measures, when you provide personal information on the Internet there is always a risk that these can be intercepted and used by third parties outside of our control. We make every effort to protect your personal information and privacy, however we cannot guarantee the security of the information you make available over the Internet.

4. Who has access to this personal information and to what extent?
In addition to our company and for the effects described above, we do not sell, exchange or transfer your personal information to others in any way. However, your personal information may be known to companies by us subcontracted to perform certain services. They can also be used to provide technical assistance. In any case, we require that such subcontracting companies keep the personal information of our clients safe and confidential. We also demand that these suppliers use personal information only on behalf of Domus Actum, Lda. At any time, you may choose not to allow the sharing of your personal information with third parties. Such a request can be made through our website in the contacts section and by sending an email.

5. Links / Cookies
In order to improve the services offered, we can include links to third-party Websites. Domus Actum, Lda is not responsible for the privacy practices of such Websites. We recommend that you read the respective privacy statements as they may be different from ours. The Website of Domus Actum, Lda can use the technology widely known in the industry as "cookies". A cookie is a single text file that a Website sends to your browser's software. If you do not want to install cookies in your browser you can set the same to reject cookies. Rejection of cookies may affect your ability to use some of the services on our website. Domus Actum, Lda also uses cookies to track visits to our Website. The information collected in this way helps us to optimize the content of the Website, the navigation in it and its performance.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy
In the future, we may choose to modify or change the privacy policy described herein, either due to changes in the legislation or in order to cover new developments of the Internet. For this reason, we reserve the right to make any changes and we recommend that you visit our Website regularly for these changes to be made aware of.

7. Who manages the personal information?
Both our Website and the information collected are managed and controlled by Domus Actum, Lda. Domus Actum, Lda has its servers located in Germany, offering sufficient guarantees regarding the protection of its personal information being administered in accordance with current legislation on the protection of information Personal, as well as this privacy policy.

8. Contact Us
For any questions regarding this privacy policy and privacy aspects of our products and services, or to make a complaint, please contact:

Domus Actum, Lda
Avenida da República, nº6, 1ºEsq
1050-191 Lisboa - Portugal
Telefone: +351 300 501 972