Interview with the team of DAI Pinhal Novo - July 2019

On July 11, 2019, we were in conversation with DAI Pinhal Novo, a store and team made up of 6 people of different ages and who started full of strength and willingness to embrace the real estate market in this village of Pinhal Novo and in its vicinity and which by the way has been achieving great results.

equipa pinhal novo

Located in the calm, but accessible village of Pinhal Novo, with a distance of 10 minutes to the city of Montijo and about 20 minutes from Lisbon city. The geographical proximity of these two cities make this village a great place to live near of Lisbon’s big urban centre, but much more free of stress and with much more inviting prices when it comes to real estate.

The main characteristic of this village is that it has a great framework of public transportation out of the ordinary, being the train station the principal railway with the South of the country, theme which will lead us to a more serious discussion on other occasion.

Perhaps it dismisses more apresentions about the village of Pinhal Novo for now, by not mentioning the big importance of it with this context.

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Let’s talk about what is more important now. A set of 6 questions for the team and store of Pinhal Novo. The interlocutors, the unity managers, Sir Vítor Alves and Madam Ana Simões.

Question: Being in Pinhal Novo, what are the locations where you give support to customers selling, investing and buying?
Answer: We are located in Pinhal Novo, at street João Pósser de Andrade Vilar nº124 R/c right, near to the market and to the citizen store. Meanwhile, we give support to clients selling, buying and investing in the whole Lisbon South Bay and big Lisbon.

Question: What would you say to someone who is thinking about selling/buying a property in Pinhal Novo?
Answer: For someone who is selling, we are at the right time, because the market is way higher economically at this moment and there is much demand. For someone who wants to buy, Pinhal Novo is a zone with public transportation for everywhere, trains, buses. For someone who drives it has access to the expressway. It has schools, supermarkets, public entities, everything near.

Question: What is the profile of a realtor that will have success without needing any luck?
Answer: The right profile of a realtor is being a person with good communication, active, determinated, with will of winning, but most of all who likes to work in team.

Question: Are you looking for new people for your team?
Answer: Yes, we always have space for new realtors.

Question: What would you say to them?
Answer: Do you want to go further? Do you have winning spirit? Then this is the right career for you! Our team bets in each person, boosting them, giving them the tools for their success with a constant monitoring and experienced since the first day and throughout their whole career. In our team, the cooperation between teammates and partners is the key to success.

Question: Do you still remember the day when you first opened your store?
Answer: Yes, of course. We opened the store November 24 2018.

With the questions finished, there is a space for a brief photoshoot. Without wanting to abuse of the cliché “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” because in this case the opinion of the unity managers it’s just as important or even more than the result of the luminous exposure, the photography.

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To finish, it’s important to reinforce the following - nowadays, real estate is a sector much dynamic with the recruitment of people. Much more than a job, this sector is a lifestyle which adapts itself to various working experiences than someone could have had in the past.

In case you live in Pinhal Novo and want to embrace a new lifestyle you can give a word to Sir Vítor Alves (+351 966 148 321) or Madam Ana Simões (+351 913 460 556). They will help you to understand how the market is from a working perspective and how to make this activity area your source of income.

Not less important, a big thank you for your reception: unity managers and to the rest of members from DAI Pinhal Novo store.