5 things to do during the biggest parties in Lisbon - The Popular Saints

The popular saints are back in town.

The time of year when Lisbon is even more bustling has finally arrived. The popular saints are probably the biggest party that happens every year in the capital. The Arraiais and sardines are a habit of this time, but there is much more beyond that. Smells good, smells like a manjerico.

1 - Campground

With so many campground scattered around the city, the hardest part is choosing which one to go to. Therefore, you can start in the neighborhood of Graça at the viewpoint Sophia de Mello Breyner, another in Largo da Graça and finally in Largo de São Vicente. If you don't eat sardines and are vegetarian, Arraial Veggies Vibes is ideal for you. Here you can eat vegan roasted chorizo or a seitan version of bifanas until June 13th. If you are looking for something different, head to the Village Underground for Arraial Moderno, on June 12th, with free admission from 4pm to 11pm and names like Tomás Wallenstein of Capitão Fausto and PZ. From 11pm onwards, the entrance costs €10 and has a Cumbadélica and Funkamente.


2 - Concert in honor of António Variações

o close the month, on June 29th there will be a concert in honor of the deceased and iconic António Variações in the gardens of the Tower of Belém. Conan Osiris, Selma Uamusse, Manuela Azevedo, Ana Bacalhau, Lena D'Água and Paulo Bragança will give voice to new versions of the artist's songs. The entrance is free and starts at 10pm.


3 - Parade at Avenida da Liberdade

The parade that takes place every year on Avenida da Liberdade is already a tradition and joins the popular marches of the Lisbon neighborhoods. On July 12th at 9pm, with songs and dances from each of the neighborhoods, the celebration is done with thousands of people watching.


4 - Anjos Populares

From June 12th to 13th, the popular Angels return to Anjos70 with free admission. There will be concerts, DJs, live tattoos, food and drink. On the 12th, the feast begins at 18h and ends at 00h counting with Santa Jam70 and Paulo Cunha presents "Rádio Popular". On the 13th, it starts at 15h and extends until 00h. Pedrinho Shawl, Rita lonely, Bejaflor, Muri Muri, DJ Adamm, Victoria Pardell and Co$tanza are part of the line-up.


5 - Na Surra

The Na Surra of June will be a celebration of the popular Saints. The matinee on June 13th begins at 18h and ends at 23h. Branko B2B PEDRO (Tarraxo set), Doraemon, Rastronaut (Coubia & Dembow Set) and Cara//Vag//Yo are the names that will put B.Leza dancing until night. Until 7pm and with RSVP, the entry is free. Pre-sale tickets cost €7 and door €8.