10 places to visit in Lisbon

The 10 places of the Portuguese capital that you should visit.

If you are thinking about visiting Lisbon, but you don’t know what you should do, then follow our suggestions. Some of these places aren’t the usual ones that you will find in almost every list of what you should visit in the city. Therefore, these are the most hidden, which sometimes turn out to be the best ones. With this itinerary, you will get to know a little bit of each area of the city by walking or by transportation. At the same time, you will discover some of the best restaurants to eat well, where you can also take some pictures and create a digital postcard. Besides that, you will walk through the best natural and urban places of the portuguese capital. You should know now that the museums and the gardens you need to pay for a ticket to get in, while some attractions are free entrance. At the restaurantes, the prices change due to the location and the food provided by them.

1 - Panorâmico de Monsanto

panorâmico de monsanto

To start off the day, go to Panorâmico de Monsanto to enjoy the best view of the city and see the sunrise. Go up to the last floor and you will see it is worth it. Previously, it was a restaurant built during Estado Novo (New State, a time where dictatorship existed in Portugal). It closed down and it was reopened in 2017. Last year, the 3rd edition of Festival Iminente happened there, where you can still see some works of art by national artists. Even though it was closed for 16 years, the pieces of art of Querubim Lapa are still intact. An urban place, cover of these works of art and graffitis where you can appreciate the city from different perspectives.

2 - Leitaria Lisboa at Cais do Sodré

leitaria lisboa

If you still had not have breakfast and you have no idea where to launch why not go to a brunch? The brunch of Leitaria Lisboa has two options: one costs 12€ and the other one 18€ to split up between two people. The Alfacinha (12€), includes two croissants, one basket of bread served with herb butter, cream cheese and jam. And two drinks (a natural juice or warm drinks) and two yogurts. However, Leitaria brunch (18€) includes, in addiction to everything included in Alfacinha brunch, smoked salmon, goat cheese, cold ham and sliced cheese.

3 - Casa Independente

casa independente

If you want to use the most aesthetically pleasing bathroom of the city, then you should visit Casa Independente, at Largo do Intendente. With a terrace and a bar, it is ideal to take advantage of warmer evenings starting at 5pm. while you drink a cold drink or enjoy some homemade dishes sponsored by Tasca Tropical. At night, you can also see concerts and DJ sets.

4 - Museu do Fado

museu do fado

Why not get to know a little bit more about the story of this country? At Museu do Fado, you will know one the most important music genres of Portugal. At the heart of Alfama, the museum has a permanent exhibition, a space for temporary exhibitions, a centre of documentation, a thematic store, an auditorium, a restaurant and the school of the museum. With the permanent exhibition, it is possible to get to know the history of fado from the beginning until now.

5 - Jardim Botânico da Ajuda

jardim botânico da ajuda

One of the most beautiful green spaces in Lisbon is at Jardim Botânico da Ajuda. The entry costs 2€. The Jardim Botânico da Ajuda was founded in 1768 and projected by the italian botanist Domingos Vandelli that was called by king D. José. With an area of 3,5ha and a renaissance architecture, it is a must see.

6 - Donnie Dough

donnie dough

To launch, snacking or dinner you can go to Donnie Dough at Rato and eat a bagel with avocado, a cookie dough or an american cookie. The local is aesthetically ideal to take pictures for your Instagram, and you will be well received by the owners. You can eat the bagels with a side dish (sweet potatoes or salad, a drink and coffee) or without it. Cookie dough has various flavors: classic, oreo, peanut butter, nutella and mystery. The toppings can be maltesers, kit-kat, m&m’s, kinder, and many more. It also comes with a shot of milk and you can add more extras like a ice cream scoop.

7 - MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology


If you would like to appreciate modern architecture, then MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is the perfect place. Placed at the historical zone of Belém and with a view for Tejo river, it is a masterpiece with masterpieces inside. You can visit outside, for free, or inside to see the exhibitions. It was founded in 2016, designed by the atelier of architecture of Amanda Levete Architects, and the Central Tejo. Since then it has presented various works of art by national and international artists, architects and contemporaneous thinkers.

8 - Boca do Inferno

boca do inferno

The best golden hour is located at Boca do Inferno, in Cascais. With a view to the sea, you can enjoy the best sunrise. Apparently, the place was a cave that with time and the force of the sea it started to quail and now, it is an arc where the water goes through in and out. The travel until there it is a little bit longer, but it is totally worth it. Along the way, you can also go to a beach of Linha de Cascais.

9 - Lux


If you want to go out at night, then go to Lux where you can see a show or a DJ set. Placed in Santa Apolónia, it is an obligatory stop of Lisbon’s club nights. You can dance to the rhythm of national DJs, like, Switchdance, Rui Vargas, Inês Duarte, Shaka Lion, Moullinex, Xinobi and some international DJs. Every now and then, you can also see some shows. Most recently, Noname and Linn da Quebrada performed there. If you want to stay near Cais do Sodré, you can go to his brother - Rive Rouge, created by the same owner, next to Time Out - Mercado da Ribeira.

10 - Cerveja Musa

cerveja musa

For a chill out evening, the perfect spot is Cerveja Musa in Marvila where you can drink artesanal beer made there and eat good food at a good price. There is also cider, cocktails, whiskey and tea (iced or warm). You can choose one that is less or more bitter. If you drink there, the pint costs 4,5€ and half of it 2,5€. You can take the bottle with you for just 2,5€.