The 10 best beaches of Algarve

Beaches in Algarve Summer is finally here, and in Portugal it means it is time to go to the beach and what better destination than Algarve? This is one of the regions that has the best and most diverse beaches of the country. There is so much that you can choose to, so see our top beaches of coast of Algarve. From chill beaches until busy beaches, you can go through this coast with the best beaches.

1 - Beach of Barranco

praia do barranco

Situated in Vila do Bispo, Beach of Barranco is surrounded by rock formations and there are not a lot of people there, usually. To get there, you need to go through a road of dirt for 5km and find the beach that is not marked. It is great to relax away from big crowds and for divers because of the marine species that can be found there.

2 - Beach of Arrifana

praia da arrifana

The beach of Arrifana belongs to the county of Aljezur and it has a shore with more than half of a kilometer of extension. It forms some sort of cove and it is perfect for diving, surfing or bodyboard. You can also find cafes and restaurants with fresh fish.

3 - Beach of Benagil

praia de benagil

The beach of Benagil it is in the small village of Benagil, in the coastal zone of Lagoa’s county. Right next to it, there is a cave with an amazing natural beauty. It is dangerous to swim there, but you make a tour on a boat and discover other caves.

4 - Beach of Odeceixe

praia de odeceixe

Also in the county of Aljezur, the beach of Odeceixe makes a natural frontier with Alentejo and it has a fluvial beach. Which means it has sea and river. It was considered one of the 7 seven wonders of Portugal, in 2012, and it has a great landscape quality and biodiversity. This way, it gives good conditions for bird watching.

5 - Beach of 3 irmãos (3 brothers)

praia dos tres irmaos

The beach of 3 irmãos (3 brothers) it is situated in Portimão, next to the beach of Alvor. It has this name because there are 3 rocks there that were named the 3 brothers. It is also constituted by caves and coves. To visit these places, the best is to do it when the tide is low. If you want a good spot, then you should arrive early.

6 - Beach of Marinha

praia da marinha

The beach of Marinha is considered one of the most pretty beaches in Portugal. Situated in Lagoa, it is best known for its cliffs and for its transparent seawater. It is not visited a lot and it is quite chill. To get there, you need to walk for a long flight of stairs.

7 - Beach of Quarteira

praia da quarteira

The beach of Quarteira it is one of the main tourist attraction in Algarve. It is of urban character and it used to be a village of fishermen and it has a shore of 3km. During the bathing season, there is a Centro Azul (Blue Center) that makes activities on the beach and gives support to the bathers.

8 - Beach of Barril

praia do barril

The beach of Barril is integrated in Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, in Tavira. The access to this beach is made on the fluctuating bridge above Ria and then catch the train that leaves in Aldeamento Turístico das Pedras D’El Rei or make a boat trip that leaves in the isle of Tavira.

9 - Beach of Manta Rota

praia da manta rota

The beach of Manta Rota has an extensive shore and it is integrated in the cove of Monte Gordo. The water is warm and still. Previously, it was also a beach of fishermen and today is a tourist centre. It is a crowded beach, but it has a few relaxed places.

10 - Beach of Dona Ana

praia dona ana

The beach of Dona Ana, em Lagos, it was considered on the best in the world. With its turquoise water and natural slope, it is very frequented by many people during the summer. It is ideal to relax and for families.