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The 5 best beaches in and around Lisbon

With the arrival of summer and the warmth to return, what you want is to go to the beach to rest for a while, wet your feet in the water, eat a watermelon and/or a ball of Berlin. Lisbon may not have a wide variety of beaches, but there are relatively close and better options. Get to know where t...

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The 10 best beaches of Algarve

Beaches in Algarve Summer is finally here, and in Portugal it means it is time to go to the beach and what better destination than Algarve? This is one of the regions that has the best and most diverse beaches of the country. There is so much that you can choose to, so see our top beaches of coa...

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5 things to do during the biggest parties in Lisbon - The Popular Saints

The popular saints are back in town.

The time of year when Lisbon is even more bustling has finally arrived. The popular saints are probably the biggest party that happens every year in the capital. The Arraiais and sardines are a habit of this time, but there is much more beyond that. Smells...

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10 places to visit in Lisbon

The 10 places of the Portuguese capital that you should visit.

If you are thinking about visiting Lisbon, but you don’t know what you should do, then follow our suggestions. Some of these places aren’t the usual ones that you will find in almost every list of what you should visit in the city...

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